The Community Outreach Core (COC) is one of the U54 shared resources and its team is committed to the overall goal to reduce cancer health disparities that exist amongst indigenous Chamorro and other Micronesian islanders in Guam through qualitative research based on the community-based participatory approaches process.

Specifically, the COC aims to provide targeted cancer prevention outreach to primary care physicians who serve Micronesian populations. It is identifying, developing and disseminating culturally tailored cancer information, educational and communication materials for primary care physicians and Pacific Islander communities on Guam.

The COC is also focused on increasing primary care physicians’ knowledge and awareness of the latest cancer prevention and screening recommendations in line with NCI National Outreach Network agenda. It is currently conducting a Health Provider Survey and key informant interviews with health providers who work directly with Micronesian islanders.

In addition, the COC serves as a resource for other U54 projects and shared resources by identifying, developing and disseminating health promotion and cancer education materials on research activities. It facilitates recruitment of selected Pacific Islander participants in cancer research studies by engaging community organizations.

The COC team is composed of Dr. Lilnabeth P. Somera (Co-Lead), Dr. Ana Joy Mendez ( Co-Investigator), Angelina Mummert (Community Health Educator), and Jiana Salas (Research Associate).