Full Project II (BENIT)

Full project II (BENIT)
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Hafa Adai!

Welcome to our Betel Nut Intervention Trial (BENIT) Webpage!

Over the next couple of years we will study the effectiveness of the cessation program designed specifically for betel nut chewers, and test the possibility of using saliva to determine chewer status.

Approximately 600 million people, or 10% of the world’s population, chew betel nut. It is a behavior commonly practiced in many Asian and Pacific regions. Although there are some documented benefits associated with the consumption of betel nut, chewing poses a greater risk to multiple disease outcomes – oral cancer being a major concern.

Therefore, it is our purpose to bring you the information needed to decrease the health risks associated with betel nut chewing. The BENIT Team will continue to provide updates on the study through this website as well as through ClinicalTrials.gov, Identifier NCT02942745